Exclusive Farm-To-Table Provider ~ 20's Hideout Steakhouse ~ Marion, IL

About The Farm

Diederich Farms is located 3.5 miles south of Marion, Illinois.  Our farm consists of 130 acres and we currently have over 257 acres in production.


Diederich Farms has a long history of cattle operations dating back to 1852 when the McCormack family produced cattle to provide for their family.  From 1927 to 1957 the McAnelly family owned and operated the farm.  Prior to purchase by Diederich Farms the Jones family owned and operated the farm beginning in 1957.  Diederich Farms is proud to follow in the traditions and legacy of those who worked these pastures before us.


Premium Black Angus Cattle

Diederich Farms is home to a herd of world class premium Black Angus cattle.  While herd size is not nearly large enough to meet the beef production needs of our exclusive customer, 20's Hideout Steakhouse, you will come to appreciate the dedication to quality over quantity as you take advantage of daily specials made possible by Diederich Farms, farm to table partnership with the 20's Hideout Steakhouse.

Lamb Production

Premium Sheep Herd

Diederich Farms  is home to a small but premium herd of registered pure bred royal white sheep.  From this herd we produce world class lamb.  Royal white sheep naturally shed eliminating the need to shear during warmer months.  They are world renowned for their lean and hearty meat.


Diederich Farms produces a limited amount of quality pork. All of our pigs are raised using best production practices.  These efforts ensure quality lean meat.  Due to our exclusive farm to table partnership we produce a limited amount of pork products based on our proprietary clients needs.   


Egg Production


Diederich Farms, LLC maintains a flock of free range chickens which facilitate egg production.  Free ranging is the oldest of chicken production methods; natural and chemical free.


While traditionally a Black Angus cattle farm, we are expanding to grow produce for the exclusive use of 20's Hideout Steakhouse.  To this effort we have set aside over two acres specifically for our chefs’ use.   We anticipate the delivery of these items to begin in the summer of 2018.


We anticipate producing several varieties of heirloom tomatoes, raspberries, blackberries, kale, heirloom beets, radishes, greens, peppers, beans, specialty onions, herbs, potatoes, and sweet corn.

Honey Production


Diederich Farms uses the latest beekeeping techniques to naturally produce and maximize honey production.  As an added benefit the bees aid in pollination effectively passing seed plant genetic information on to the next generation. 


Diederich Farms utilizes the Flow Hive system to minimize stress to our hives.  Honey contains similar sweetness as granulated sugar.  Our hives produce a welcome supply of honey which is enjoyed year round.

Natural Methods

Animal Care

Diederich Farms provides living conditions that accommodate the natural behavior of the animals, including year-round access to the outdoors. Our feed methods provide a natural grass fed grazing diet combined with  minimal grains to ensure animal health and nutrition.  

Organic / Natural

Diederich Farms strives to create a healthy living environment for all of our animals.  We do not use chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, artificial hormones or antibiotics.  To this effort, if an animal is unable to be cared for utilizing natural organic methods Diederich Farms will administer appropriate medications.  When this is done the animal is nursed to health and then removed from our beef production operations.  While we believe in natural production methods, humane and proper animal care is of the highest priority.

Contact Us

Diederich Farms, LLC is a working commercial farming operation.  Visitors are welcome by advance appointment and accommodated when schedule permitting. 

Diederich Farms, LLC

5612 Route 37, PO Box 1210, Marion, Illinois 62959, United States



By Appointment Only.

Beginning October 1, 2017 Limited Public Tours Will Be Available By Appointment.  Email us today for additional information.